Overcoming Students Plagiarism in Academic Writing

Wiwien Nurhidayah Arsyad

he objectives of conducting this study are to find out if there any plagiarism in students’ academic writing; to understand the types of plagiarism found and to know how to overcome plagiarism. The research was conducted in Students’ skripsi of English Department, Letters and Culture Faculty, State University of Gorontalo graduated on 2010-2011 academic year. The findings are as follows; (1) There are two types of plagiarism from two of seven skripsi detected by PD320; they are outright copying and patchwriting, (2) In analyzing the outright copying detected on writing by PD320, we have to pay attention to the common knowledge because that is one limitation of the plagiarism detector software; (3) There are several styles of referencing detected on students’ skripsi, students were analyzed mixing some styles in their writing such as APA, AAA, Harvard and Turabian Style; (4) In overcoming students’ plagiarism, there are several recommendation stated by the experts, the faculty members and me as the researchers. Some recommendations are activating the plagiarism detector in the university, making the workshops, making some trainings on writing, forming the policy makers which is focused managing the rule of plagiarism included its types and the punishment when the plagiarism found.

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  1. Bermanfaat untuk meminimalisir kasus plagiarisme yang sudah menjadi tradisi di kalangan pelajar maupun mahasiswa. Semoga melahirkan penulis dengan ide-ide yang orisinil.



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